Welcome to the 2018 Karate Championships On-Line Registration Page.  

Using the online registration ensures you are registered on time and with no spelling errors on names etc.  It will virtually eliminate any waiting to enter the tournament!  It will also help us make sure the divisions you are qualified to participate in will have your name on the judges list.

Registration is a simple two step process.  

The registration form on the right is where you will enter all your competitor information.

We need that if you plan on winning one of the huge Championship trophies or one of the genuine leather, gem studded Black Championship belts!

With over 450 trophies and 6 Grand

Champion trophies - PLUS - two Black Belt Championship Belts on the line, we want to insure everyone competes on a level field.

You can see all the divisions and categories by clicking on this link:

Tournaments are meant to give you an opportunity to compete against others who have a similar rank, similar style, and roughly the same experience.  

After you click “SUBMIT” your competitor’s information will be displayed on your screen.

For your peace of mind and security, once your competitor’s information has been sent, return to this page (using your browser back button works well) and click on this link, (or the one on the main page to make your payment.

Please remember, your competitor will not be officially registered until we receive confirmation of your payment.

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